Saturday, 29 July 2017

My Wanderlust Roots!

Five Countries, two Kingdoms and a dog waiting in Melbourne.
Here's my week in a nutshell.

Cor Blimey, we've had it all this week weather-wise. All I can say is lucky that I am going on to an Aussie winter after this unscheduled visit to the United Kingdom. I have packed some winter woollies, so I'm fully equipped for a British Summer. 

The United Kingdom is, after arriving on a scorcher on last week, currently sitting at wet and rainy, whilst the Kingdom of Thailand is pretty much the same, except it's the rainy season with 95% humidity.

I love the weather reporters here with their cheery comments:
 "There is no such thing as bad weather
only inappropriate clothing!"

Ha I have just realised I have swapped one Kingdom for another... What am I on? Don't worry I'm not getting any airs and graces, but really is it any wonder if I'm getting rather delirious?

I met two ladies from Saudi Arabia waiting for the bus the other day. We did as all good Brits do, even those originating from Arabia and Old Siam, we exchanged pleasantries on the weather. 

Them telling me that despite six years of living in Oxford they still find it cold here. Me, agreeing that they must find it chilly, but adding how refreshing it is for me - no complaints. 

 Well, until I got off the bus in a Force 9 Gale...

Somehow we got onto the fact that I have a daughter, son, dog and a house in Australia, another daughter and more family here in England, and a husband in Thailand.

One translated for the other my complicated life. There were lots of oohs and arghs and a giggle over the husband in Bangkok bit, I couldn't tell whether these abaya dressed women were impressed at this point, or whether having a husband in Thailand was like really losing the plot! 

Is anyone else keeping up with my world?

I'm blessed with an innate sense of Wanderlust. It's lucky that I was born with the 'irresistible desire to travel and rove about', because it's inevitable, given all my roots in different continents.

However, this hectic schedule throws up all sorts of issues, especially concerning my roots.  

Hair and bank cards are particularly problematic! 

I won't even begin to tell you the dramas I have passing any security clearance for credit cards used once in a blue moon. Remembering old phone numbers from different countries is one thing, but one momentary blank on how old I am on my next birthday, and before I know it "the computer says no."

Confession: I've become a bit of a hairdressing floosie. 

Along with useless old credit cards that I can no longer use, I'm also collecting hairdressers like nobody's business. Being constantly on the move I now have three hairdressers; one in Europe, one in Asia and one in Australia. Like you do! Oh my golly gosh, listen to me. 

Can you imagine what sorts of issues are thrown up by having three different hairdressers? You know how super sensitive this profession is? They get very sensitive if you stray. 

Plus we're not only talking about different colours, different cuts, but also who knows what! 

I mean they know, or they will know, if you've been somewhere else :)

Luckily I seem to have established a very open relationship with all three. But the new kid on the block is a young London hairdresser from Cyprus who has been trying to change my style! I was just going to say two little words "humidity hair" but whoops it was too late.

So I was introduced to him, through the Italian Company Lisap Milano, who produce the gorgeous organic hair colour, used by my Melbourne hairdresser. Told you my life was complicated. We're back to roots of a different kind here, and I'm not yet about to succumb to my greys.

The hairdresser they recommend is in Golders Green, which is a fantastic multicultural suburb of North London and convenient'ish if I am visiting my daughter in London, but a long way from my parents in out in the shires.

Cypriot Guy has persuaded me to "go for it" last time. He was clearly chuffed to see me back again last week but was demob happy. I dashed up to London for his last day before his holiday Cyprus to visit his Grandparents. Ohh Bless, he really has a heart of gold but I think he got a bit cocky, knowing that:

1. I returned after his last "let's do something different haircut!"  
2. He loves having an International fly-in client base of one.
3. AND this time I'd I travelled all the way into London for it. 

... Well in my defence, it was closer than the hair appointment 
I had booked in Melbourne!

He went for it. A new all over colour to remove the brassy look, his words not mine, and ultra short. 'Whoa' I said as he was whizzing up the back of my head with an electric razor, 'that's a bit short'.

'It's ok', he said 'you can afford to go shorter - it's summer'
'But I'm going to an Australian winter next', I said
'Oh Dear', he replied.

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